In the Untied States, Helping Students, Parents, Schools and Communities Communicate

“Bridging the gap between parents, schools and community agencies to support the academic and social development of students”

BRIDGE® is bridging the gap between schools, students, their parents and community agencies to support the

academic and social development of students. BRIDGE® is a guideline of training for non-profit agencies to be implemented town by town, city by city, county by county and state by state. BRIDGE® has used state funded non-profit agencies in different areas to provide the Strengthening Families training for parents to learn

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parenting skills. Implementation of the BRIDGE® program has begun through the establishment of the County BRIDGE® Parent Center in New Jersey. The BRIDGE® program uses NCLB (No Child Left Behind) guidelines and targets students who are failing.

  • Addressing the critical needs of Latinos, other internationals and economically disadvantaged students. BRIDGE® facilitates training and partnering schools with parents and community agencies. 
  • Facilitates achievement of the academic success goal for students while creating a safe supportive environment for everyone. 
  • Educates parents about our educational system and opportunities for their families. 
  • Assists teachers and administrators to better understand these students, their families and culture with our Professional Development BRIDGE® training.
  • Provides Professional Development for educators working with Latino and international students because they must be well versed in the social and cultural circumstances that have impeded the students’ educational progress. 
  • Works with these families addressing their “Cultural Shock” by helping them adjust and immerse in the main stream American culture by informing them about cultural awareness, American educational system, ESL classes and parenting skills training.
  • Develops resources to implement the program in each district, county and region by forming collaborations with all the local and statewide community agencies.
  • BRIDGE®Parent Center program is an opportunity to create an effective model for immediate, sustainable impact in our community. Too many immigrant children from third world countries and financially disadvantaged students in New Jersey public schools are experiencing the lowest scores in the state’s report card. The intervention of BRIDGE® is designed to address the greatest unmet needs of financially disadvantaged families through individually tailored out-of-school time services with the support of non-profit and faith-based agencies.